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$600,00 Settlement – City and County of San Francisco – Disability Discrimination, Reasonable Accommodation, Retaliation

On July 19, 2017, David Browne and Devin Coyle filed a lawsuit against the City and County of San Francisco in California Superior Court, San Francisco County, CGC-19-559846.

Allegations: Three days after our client’s employment with the City and County of San Francisco began, her doctor informed our client that her prognosis was quite poor, that she needed to begin chemotherapy immediately, and that she had a limited chance of getting better. Our client immediately informed the City and County of San Francisco about her medical situation and asked for reasonable accommodations related to her cancer diagnosis and everything that came with it. The City and County of San Francisco failed to provide accommodations and began a campaign of retaliation. For a sustained period of time, despite our client’s numerous attempts to engage with the City and County of San Francisco about her situation, the City continued to ignore our client and retaliated against her.    

Result: $600,000 settlement 

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