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Devin Coyle and David Browne are as good as it gets when it comes to attorneys and being compassionate and human.

Great experience talking with David Browne . He spent a long time talking to me and finding out about the details of my case and addressed each point. My situation is different then what he normally handles and he was able to give me very good advice and is also trying to find me someone who could handle my case. Thank you so much David !!!

Mr. Coyle called me personally he read my inquiry and had time, and patience with me. I was all over the place trying to explain and he patiently listened wasn’t rude and I felt his genuineness. I’ve experienced a trauma due to discrimination and it hurt and this lawyer treated me like a person not a case. Gratitude

I can't say enough amazing things about Devin and David, as lawyers and as human beings.

I had a consultation this afternoon and I got to say that it was one of the best consultations I’ve had. After submitting a consultation request, I received a response nearly immediately to schedule a chat.  Within a matter of 1-2 hours, I was having a phone conversation about my matter.  The attorney I spoke with (David) was extremely knowledgeable, detail-oriented, and took the time to hear my sentiments.  

The best part of the chat where is toward the end where David carefully provided worst case and best case scenarios, depending on the actions I could take.

I now feel empowered to take the proper next steps in my situation.  I will certainly use this firm again. If you are dealing with a legal matter, I highly recommend…

Devin Coyle made a difficult and arduous legal process as manageable and painless (relatively) as possible. I had a very nuanced case that was complicated to navigate. Many attorneys were apprehensive about taking it, but Devin Coyle looked at the facts and merits and took me on as a client. During the entire process Devin Coyle made sure I was always informed and most importantly, he was entirely straight forward with me. He managed to be direct and honest about any potential weaknesses while still managing to be compassionate and sensitive towards the very touchy issues in the case. Everything turned out as successful as I could have hoped and I feel very fortunate to have had him and David Browne as my advocates. I hope the situation never arises where I need his services again but if it did, I’d gladly work with him all over again. I would highly recommend his services to anyone who finds themselves in need of an attorney.

Proven Results

$2.95 million

Whistleblower Retaliation

Matthews v. Happy Valley Conference Center and Community of Christ

Santa Cruz Superior Court, 6th Judicial District Court of Appeal (San Jose)

$1.50 million

Age Discrimination 

$600,000 plus reinstatement including reinstatement of full retirement benefits valued at over $900,000. 

Santa Clara County Superior Court



Race Discrimination, Sex Discrimination

Company owner bullied and harassed our client for six months. 

Alameda County Superior Court


Sexual Harassment, Retaliation

Our client needed was sexually harassed and then retaliated against after she complained.

Guerra v. City and County of San Francisco

San Francisco Superior Court

Practice areas

Race Discrimination and Racial harassment

Our civil rights lawyers represent employees, tenants, and individuals who have been discriminated or harassed against because of their race. 

Sexual Harassment

Our civil rights lawyers represent employees, tenants, and individuals who have been sexually harassed. 

Disability Discrimination and Medical Leave Retaliation

Our civil rights lawyers represent employees, tenants, and individuals who have been treated unlawfully because of their disability or medical condition. 

Wrongful Termination

Our civil rights lawyers represent employees who have been wrongfully terminated.

Severance Agreements

Our lawyers help employees, including C-Suite or C-Level employees, negotiate a severance from their company.

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